DIY or Buy: A Container Garden & How To Style It


Have you ever been to a nursery like this and you thought, I need it all!?!? I know I have about a million times! Somehow you narrow it down to about 5-10 plants and you head home. But what next? What is the best way to style a planter?

The first things you need to do is have a pot or planter that can accommodate your plants. It is really important to groups plants together that require the same sort of sun exposure, care or water levels, otherwise nothing will thrive.

We were working with succulents for this planter, so we bought a tall planter for height, but one wide enough to accommodate some larger low-lying succulents. We also purchased a cactus mix for the succulents. Other types of plants will require different kinds of soil. Don’t be afraid to ask your local nursery!!

Soil Picture



Next we drilled several holes in the bottom of this planter. It didn’t have proper drainage holes, so with a little muscle and a good drill we got the holes we needed! Some pots have holes already drilled, so just tip it over and take a look.

We put a small layer of gravel in the bottom of our pot for even more drainage, then we began to fill with our cactus mix.

Next up we decided on placement. It is always best to arrange in odd numbers (3,5,7 and so on).  We planned for our 2 tall plants to be in the back, a large centerpiece succulent in the forefront and then two that will hang over the edges. Before we planted we checked to make sure everything fit properly. It did, so we planted!

And that’s that! With just a bit of thought and good placement we ended up with a really beautiful pot with tons of color and character. I can’t wait to see how it grows!!

Our list supply and cost:

  • Pot- purchased from Target, on clearance for $15.
  • Cactus Mix- $9.00.
  • 5 succulents- total cost $20.
  • Shovel
  • Drill

Total: $44


So, DIY or Buy?

DIY Pros:

  • Super easy and excuse for a fun day at your favorite nursery.
  • The customization is endless.

DIY Cons:

  • Can get messy.
  • Takes some thought and preparation, which can sometimes be intimidating.

Buy Pros:

  • Easy.
  • Fast.
  • Nurseries can put together awesome arrangements.

Buy Cons:

  • You will pay more money.
  • Not completely custom for you and your setting.

I couldn’t find anything online very similar to ours. I found this¬†on 1-800 I know they aren’t always the cheapest place for flowers, but it is an online option that cost $79.99 plus shipping. Your local nursery may have more options. So depending on what your local nursery has in stock, I would say this is a DIY!



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