Free Leather, Anyone?

So a couple of days ago I get a phone call from Rocky. She has this urgency in her voice, so I know something fun is happening. I was right!

On her way home from carpool she spots a perfectly aged leather chair. Its aged just right in the perfect shade of brown. Nevermind the duct taped arm or the greasy head spot. The far majority of the leather was really nice and you know what that means….. free leather!!

We both have been looking for the perfect leather piece ever since Mandi from vintage revivals skinned a couch here. Good aged leather fabric is hard to come by, and the cost is ungodly. So Rocky did what had to be done.

I urged her to at the very least get the seat cushion cover and run. So she turned around and as we talked we imagined all the horrid things that could have happened on this chair. Or even the person who sat in it regularly. Who, just by chance, walked out the door as Rocky pulled up. Awkward!!!

To our surprise, he didn’t look like the dirty, sweaty man that we imagined passed out on the chair because of the crazy party he went to last night. He was cute and clean. And all of a sudden the trash picking seemed totally ok!

When he finally drove away, Rocky hopped out and grabbed the cushion. Success!

Immediately there was regret though. The rest of that beautiful leather was laying on the side of the road for someone else to have. So naturally, she had Andy go back and get the whole chair.  Which he was really excited and happy to do, and he never once told Rocky she was crazy. 

before chair

skinned leather

Now the real fun starts! What fun projects should we do?

ashley bag
Maybe a minimal bag like this
rocky bag
Or a tote like this one from Pinterest
leather plant holder
Maybe this cool plant holder?


The possibilities are endless.