The Time We Added 1,200 Square Feet

I will start this story by telling you we really love our current home. We did not buy it to live in forever, though. Our plan at the time was to fix it up and sell, then move on the next. Ultimately we hoped our DIY’s would give us enough to buy a house cash. (And probably fix up that one too!) 

Last summer a major, life changing project started here. Courtney’s parents had sold their home of 45+ years. They needed somewhere to live that would allow them to have a comfortable and appropriate place to be, all without spending every cent they had. So meetings with an architect started and in 3 months a 1,200 square foot addition was done! DONE! It was built at lightning speed to get them in as quickly as possible. Courtney and his brother worked late and on weekends to get projects done so that by Monday significant progress could be made.

The results were amazing.

In June of 2016 we broke ground:

briggs digging

Our homes are connected by a breezeway. It was original to the house and connected the main house to the garage. It was a 3 season room with lots of single pane windows and a couple screen doors. I apologize for the old pictures. This seems to be the only photo that shows the breezeway’s old exterior, but you get the idea.

original breeze

Now it is this:


after breezeway

We are both completely independent of each other. We do not have to share anything, which was important to all of us. This home allows them to be independent much longer, gives them ample privacy, but we are close by for whatever help they need.

One thing that really mattered to me was how the addition looked from the outside. I cannot express how deeply I hate an addition that was obviously an addition. Especially one that looked like a converted garage. We ended up working with an architect that really listened to what we wanted.

We kept the same hip roof on the addition to match the original house.

exterior addition progress

courtney hip roof

We added large windows, just like the original house has.


exterior progress after windows

We used stucco and even salvaged all the stone that faced the garage and breezeway for a portion of the addition. We would never have had enough stone to cover all of the exterior added. So we did as much as we could, which allowed for a gentle transition from old to new.

courtney stone work
Courtney installing stone to the exterior… in the rain.
frankie and flowers
The stone work and stucco were completed and the raised bed was beginning to take shape.

By September 1st it looked like this:

schirt side

If you had never been to our home, you would never know that it was a converted garage. Major success!!!

Soon I will take you on a tour of the interior so you can see how it evolved as well!

The new home for my in-laws works perfectly for them, and can even change for them in time if need be. But for now it is fresh and new- bright and white and their neighbor kids love them to death.


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