Master Bathroom Renovation Part 1

By Ashley Crites

We have a small bathroom just off our bedroom. It didn’t open up to our master bedroom, but it was so close that it was acceptable. When we finally started the reno of the bathroom, there was no way we wouldn’t open it up to the bedroom. They shared a long wall that was screaming for an entryway.

So that is what we did. The sorry little pink bathroom was about to come back to life. It was one room in our house that I did not think had a good feel. All the other rooms, although dated, had something so pleasant about them. Not this one. I hated everything about it! It had the smallest corner shower with a floral glass door. The once pink but now brown mosaic floors, the peachy pink wall tile, and pink pedestal sink had all lived a long life and served the original owners well. I assume that at one time the bathroom matched and it had aged in a unique way causing all the tiles to become different colors. One can only hope.

masterbathroom before

So we began….

master bath demo

This bathroom was a challenge because of the small size. It did have 9 foot ceilings, so I knew that would be what saved it. So from day one it was planned to utilize the high ceiling and bring your eye up. I also wanted a large door open to my room. So when you were in the bedroom and the door was open, it would make both rooms appear bigger.

barn door opening

So we put in a large door. A very large door…..

barn door

barn door open

The door is 4’x8′ to be exact. We went with barn door hardware because that allowed us to make it a large custom size that could actually function in both rooms. I have big plans for that door. One of Courtney’s specialties is trim work, so I fully intend to trim out this door to look like an antique remnant we found at a flea market in Paris. Or at least that is the plans for now!

I also decided that I wanted our floor to slope to a drain. No curbs here! The bathroom has such a small footprint that any little interruption would end up being a big interruption in the end. So Courtney brought out the jack hammer and chiseled away at the floors until we saw dirt. Scary! Then he poured concrete back in place with just the right slope. He spent a long time making it perfect- and it is nothing short of perfect!

We went with a 1/2 inch black hexagon tile for the floors. It was small enough to make the grade to the drain, which was the number one priority.

That was laid and then grouted in a black grout. It was the most expensive option at Home Depot, but it was the only option for a TRUE black grout. I didn’t want charcoal or any sort of grey. Black was the only way to go. I love the results.

ctc tile

black tile floor

tile grouted

hex tile

We have chosen a 12×24 Carrara marble for the walls. This will be taken to the ceiling in the shower to once again bring your eye up up up! We are working on this tiling project this week, so hopefully by next week I can show you a tiled shower! Here is a sneak peak of what we have done do far:

wall tile start

Why is it the smallest spaces can take the longest to remodel? This little bathroom still has a long list of things to do, but we are on a roll. All the major hurdles have been past (there have been a lot!) and the end is in sight. I cannot properly express to you the tremendous joy I feel with the thought of not sharing a bathroom with my kids anymore!


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