Textile Love


If any of you know me very well at all, you know I have a deep passion for textiles. Nothing makes me more excited than the prospect of fabric shopping. Well, maybe pillow shopping. Or vintage rug shopping. Moving on…..

I once had a very vivid dream that I owned a textile factory in a downtown loft building. My Bulldog, Pippa, by my side as we sifted through piles of samples. Bolts of fabric were clinging to my office walls. I woke up happy and determined that one day I might have that.

So far I am settling for a constant shift of fabric bolts stacked against the walls of my office in a converted bedroom. The corner closet is bursting at the seams with vintage remnants and yards of little treasures that I couldn’t live without. Someday they will have an amazing life on a quilt or pillow. Someday.


textile love 1
A stack of fabrics from my wedding


textile love 3
A vintage Herman Miller fabric


textile love 2
Remnants of Marimekko

This was a serious find for me and Rocky a few years ago. This Marimekko fabric was priced by the pound and in big bins all over a Crate and Barrel outlet store. It was in tons of colors and variations. Can you imagine one of us in the bins while the other growled at people passing by? Memories…….

I briefly had an Etsy shop where I made crib bedding. It was mildly successful but I never kept sewing once things were bought. Eventually inventory ran out and that was that. I loved what I made however. I really enjoy sewing and watching a few scraps of fabric become something that will bring a person warmth and comfort. Something a child will want every night at bedtime and come stumbling out of their room with in the morning.

Here are a few pictures of some of the crib bedding I made:




So what is my next big sewing project??

I am thinking new curtains for my bedroom. My master bath renovation is almost complete (can’t wait to show you!) and my bedroom is in a sorry state and needs a facelift. Curtains always make things better. I am loving this Emerald green Velvet curtain from Ballard Designs, but I definitely don’t want to pay that price per panel- especially considering I have 9 foot ceilings! No short curtains welcome in my house!  I have seen bolts here, so maybe that is the way to go. On my most recent trip to IKEA, off in the distance in the sea of curtains, a dark green velvet caught my eye. This could be the one! I need to investigate the green a little more closely as I was short on time and had all three (hungry) kids with me. It was not the time to float around the curtain aisle like I really wanted to. The convenience of being able to buy and hang is very appealing in crunch time!! We have a serious deadline of guests visiting from overseas in September, so it has my attention at the moment….. must make decisions!

*pulls out sewing machine*


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