The Ever Changing Kitchen

When we bought our house we dove right in to the few renovations that demanded our attention before we moved in. The kitchen was high on the list because it had no ceiling. Don’t ask why! The basement door had also been removed and the side door to the breezeway had been broken through, so it all needed replaced before we brought in our kids.

The kitchen had quite a bit of potential. The square footage wasn’t huge, but it was a good size and functional layout. The wood cabinets were original, and custom built by an Italian woodworker. We found this out just recently when the daughter of the man who built the house showed up at our door. She helped solve a ton of mysteries that day!

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The cabinets were in pristine condition. I couldn’t bear to tear them out, so instead we painted and added some trim and crown to give them a more updated look.

kitchen progress

We had to do some modifying to add a dishwasher and more current size refrigerator and range. I didn’t want a short fridge and extra long range! So Courtney put on his carpenter hat and built some new cabinets and a range hood that blend perfectly.

I am not a fan of 50’s faux green marble laminate counters. Sorry to anyone who is, but they had to go! Then we chose an icy white painted back glass tile. The flooring we laid was a 12×24 slate. I really love slate. It is hard for me to resist when I see it sitting in a showroom, in dusty piles, calling for me.

The cabinets have been painted a few different colors now, mostly because I can’t make up my mind. I am very happy with the current color. It is a custom color blended to match Farrow and Ball’s “Pidgeon”. I knew that was the color I wanted but I had visitors coming soon and I didn’t have time to order their paint online. I couldn’t find anyone local that carried it. I don’t often have a paint store match paint for me, it rarely seems to work out. This time it turned out pretty good! It isn’t exact but I think the gradual darkening from the slate, to lower cabinets, to granite then the uppers is just what I was hoping for.

paint choices

half kitchen

kitchen sinkfull kitchencoffee bar

close coffee

I have to admit, I have a problem. I cannot stop modifying. I cannot stop changing colors. I try my best to pick neutral things that I can add quick pops of color or pattern to. So what I am saying is- this is our kitchen now, maybe not in a month or two……


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