Fountains for my yard

For years I have been dying to have a really modern fountain in my yard. Andy and I keep talking about building one, but then we end up moving and more pressing projects take priority, you know like baseboards and flooring.

Besides wanting the chill vibe a fountain adds to your outdoor space. We also live in a beach community in California where our yards are very close together. There are moments when I would prefer to listen to my fountain instead of the neighbor vacuuming their house at 7am on a Saturday. Since we are always strapped for time I started searching online for modern fountain options.

My first issue is cost – Can someone tell me why fountains are so much money! I mean seriously a couple bags of concrete, melamine forms and a pump cannot be worth $1000. My case in point, found here

Fountain capture

It is not hideous, nor does it look like the typical curvy garden fountain, but $1000 bucks…no way.

My second issue – Why do almost all fountains look like they belong in an English garden. Don’t get me wrong, they can be quite beautiful in the right setting.  That setting just isn’t my yard… so where are all these stream lined modern fountains?

This one from Restoration Hardware is awesome, but again $$$$.

RH fountain

So I am left with two options. Find some curvy fountain on craigslist that is half broken and try to resuscitate some life into it or DIY. Obviously the answer is simple…I am going to need to channel my inner homemade modern and DIY some concrete forms.

I haven’t really explored exactly how I am going to do that, so for now I will do what I do best, Research *pin*. These are some of my favorites


Here is my first inspiration photo. This looks like they poured a permanent fountain in the ground. I love how the wood grain from the forms is imprinted in these concrete columns. The corten steel trough with river rocks is so good. Everything about this is perfect besides the fact that it isn’t currently in my yard.

Another inspiring example from pinterest here


Don’t you love how the copper pipes have started to patina. Note to self, copper pipes are a must. This is another example where it looks like they cast in a permanent trough and a vertical fountain wall. The downside of doing this is that I would need to dig out and pour a foundation so the fountain wouldn’t tip over. Permanent additions in my yard always make me nervous…what if I regret it, what if I need to move it one day…I am experiencing fountain commitment phobia.

These zinc troughs are perfect, I’ve never worked with zinc before. So many questions…Where do I get zinc sheets? How do I cut them to shape and dull the edges so no one gets cut? How will they patina over time? Does zinc rust? All good questions I need to get answers on.


Just writing this post gets me excited about the prospects of what I can make. Time to start sketching!


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