Then there were two

Once we listed our first house it sold in two days and above asking. It was a whirlwind and within a month we were packed and moving from the home we had loved into a completely new area.

We stayed in a rental house for eight months while we waited for our tenants lease to end.

I should rewind a bit…before we sold our Redondo Beach home we had bought a vacation home near our family. We were not sure at the time if we would ever live there full time, but it was a good time to buy and we were looking for another project.

From the outside this builder grade house looked promising. It was in a nice, quiet neighborhood where kids were out front playing in their driveways. There was plenty of room, 2000 sf 4 bedroom 3 bath and a 3 car garage.

1 (1)

During our search we were open to all available options, some were fixer uppers and others were move in ready. We were hoping that we could get away with some minor upgrades and get a renter in as soon as possible. Carrying two mortgages was no joke!

Once we walked in the front door we were hit with the rancid smell of grease and rodents. The house was adorned in all sorts of nineties goodness. Emerald green tile, honey oak yellow cabinets, pink tile and salmon streaked granite. I could go on and on with all the offensive design elements but who needs to do that when I can just show you the pictures.

Before – Front Entry and Stairwell


Before – Dining Room


Before – Kitchen


Before – Family Room and Hallway


Before – Family Room


Before – Laundry Room


Before – Downstairs Room


OK, so it was in need of a little more than minor upgrades. At this point you are probably thinking that these people are either stupid or gluttons for punishment. Both may be true, because we left the house and decided to put in an offer. It was not as bad as our first house (if you haven’t caught that story check out thisĀ post) so we felt like we had it in us to tackle a cosmetic fixer. The difference this time around is that we were taking care of a six month old and located two hours away from our current home.

The renovation was long and arduous and maybe one day we will dig into more details and survival strategies for renovating while taking care of our young baby. We were able to make some minor changes and clean up the house within six weeks. It rented out quickly and was out of sight and out of mind for the next year.

I’m going to end this post here, with a teaser shot of what the final renovation looked like when we were done:

1 (15)

When I pick up next time I will share all the final renovation photos. I really loved this kitchen, it was may favorite material combos.

Until then…


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