The First

Projects projects projects. There are so many I want to start. First, however, there are so many we need to finish! I’m sure anyone with any sort of busy life can understand how hard it is to get those millions of little things done. You know how hard it is to come home from work and then keep working. You know how hard it is to come home to a dirty house and hungry kids, and keep working.

Then a very special day comes. A day you never thought would come. A day that you won’t know what to do with yourself. A day that will call for a celebration but instead you will collapse on the couch and look at your hard work……finished! I can say that day has come a few times for us:

lieb original



Like this day. The day we finished this house. The house the realtor told us should be blown up.

We knew the potential this house had with its bright green exterior and baby pink front door. I loved this little mid-century modern house the first time I drove by, which was years before it was for sale. The interior had endless low soffits with up lighting, a maze of small rooms, a smoke mirror accent wall and built-in sofas. Tragically it was all destroyed by years of animals running the place. So, we did what we do best- renovate!


lieb interior 3


lieb interior2


This property was our first real project. We were on a tight budget and it took a long time. I was on a constant search for deals and sales. I checked Craigslist first for almost all projects. We even brought home material from Courtney’s construction jobs. Sometimes leftovers and sometimes amazing things people threw away (like a 100 year old barn beam!). But we got it done and I think the results turned out amazing.

On to the next project…….



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