DIY or Buy Upholstered Headboard

DIY or Buy Upholstered Headboard

I have been aching for a simple project. One I could do on my own while at home with the kids. So no power tools, no paint or sanding. I have a lot of projects like that on my list right now!

I was doing online shopping and came across a shibori tapestry that was on clearance. It was all the motivation I needed to finally tackle my headboard. I am slowly refreshing this room, so this seemed like a great project to keep the ball rolling. All it was going to take were some scissors, fabric and my sewing machine. Easy enough.


I rarely use my flat sheets so I was willing to part with an extra white one that has been living in the linen closet. I measured my headboard and cut 3 pieces. One for the front, back and a long edge piece.


Then I started sewing. It took about 25 minutes to get all three pieces sewn together. It was a no brainer!

Before I knew it, I had this:


It needed a bit of softness so I added some polyfill that I had in my stash. I simply wrapped it around the headboard and then put the cover over that. I will probably staple the backside to keep it all the polyfill in place. As usual I can’t find my stapler so that will have to be another time.

Next step was laying my shibori fabric over the headboard.


And that was that. I made my bed as usual and this is what I have. I love it!





  • Shibori Tapestry: $19.99
  • Flat Sheet: Free for me but possibly $10.

So my total cost was around $20.


  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • fabric

Time: 1 hour with styling.


DIY or Buy? 

DIY all the way! This was so easy. I love that it hasn’t altered my headboard in any way so if I change my mind, I can have wood back in 30 seconds. It is also giving me a comfy casual vibe that is always welcome in a bedroom. The versatility of this is great as well.

Even without sewing skills, this is an easy project. So many of us have simple headboards that can be easily modified, so because of that, I highly recommend giving it a try!




DIY or Buy Slipcovered Coffee Table

DIY or Buy Slipcovered Coffee Table

Recently on our Instagram page, Rocky had talked about her obsession with an upholstered ottoman from Amber Interiors. Its not hard to be obsessed with it! Just look at it!!

rocky ottoman.jpeg

Amber Interiors has some serious style. There is hardly a thing I wouldn’t want. So as I was perusing the ottoman section, I came across this one:


I am so into it! I am a sucker for plaid always!! Unfortunately this ottoman is always sold out. And even if it wasn’t, the price tag is a bit above budget. So what should I do?

My current coffee table is the exact same dimensions as this piece. Also, I just so happened to have impulse bought some grey dye at the grocery store in the clearance bin.

With those two things combined, a DIY was born.

I know mine wasn’t going to look just like this one. I didn’t have an amazing plaid fabric, but I did have a lot of a nubby cotton fabric I have been wanting to use for a long time. The only problem was that it always felt to yellow when I would try to incorporate it.

Enter grey dye.



I simply followed the directions on the packaging. It worked perfectly. It was probably the easiest and most successful dyeing I have ever done.

This is the before and after color. You can see how yellow the ivory fabric seemed.

yellow grey contrast

I took my measurements and cut the fabric. For my coffee table, I needed a rectangular piece of fabric, then I cut out each corner. This was my drawing:


I didn’t have a complete rectangle, so I had to piece it a bit. I didn’t mind, because the inspiration ottoman had changes in pattern and seams.

Next I pinned the fabric in place wrong side out.

pins pic

Next I got to sewing. I sewed along all the pinned edges, turned the fabric right side out  and then sewed a line a half inch in to create a french seam.


fieplace view 2

fireplace view

painting view


  • It was really easy to sew. It took about 6-7 hours to complete including dyeing and wash/dry time.
  • I also like that it is laying on top of my wood coffee table, so I can effortlessly remove it and have the wood back.
  • Very cheap, only cost about 2 dollars for the dye. I had the fabric on hand. So that could be an additional cost if you don’t have any.


  • It is a bit “looser” than the inspiration ottoman. AI’s ottoman looks to have a solid base that fabric was tightly stretched on.
  • The fabric is less exciting than AI’s ottoman. (although this is my fault for cheaping out and not buying a particular fabric)
  • I have noticed in the few days I have had it that it has become a hiding spot for the kids and dog. The fabric keeps getting moved around, giving it have a messy look. Not my favorite thing.
  • I am concerned with the lifespan of fabric on a highly used and abused table.
  • I am not in love with the grey in my room. It is a really nice shade of grey, but takes on a purple tint next to my taupe sofa and love seat. I may have to get new pillows as well if I decide to keep it. (secret hooray!)

With all this mind, I am a bit torn on the result. I do like the DIY. I think with the right table and fabric you could have an exact replica of AI’s ottoman. However I do not, which is a bit disappointing.

So, if you have the money and are fortunate enough to find one on her site that is available, I would BUY it.

If not, this is a very doable DIY. You will save yourself thousands of dollars. It well worth a try!!



Summer Dreaming Moodboard

Summer Dreaming Moodboard

I had some big plans today. I was going to go to Ikea and spend gift card that a lovely family member gave me. I was going to stroll the mall aimlessly for a while.

None of that happened. I woke up to 6 inches of snow and a house full of kids with a day off.

I better make the best of it! Continue reading “Summer Dreaming Moodboard”

Pink, But Not Too Pink Girls Room

Pink, But Not Too Pink Girls Room

I have never been the kind of girl that needs a lot of pink in her life. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against pink. I love the occasion pink accessory. In fact, I have a pink pillow on my couch as I sit here and type. But never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have the most feminine, the most girly, the most “PINK” little girl on earth.

After she was born we knew right away that the nursery I designed for her wasn’t going to cut it. It wasn’t very pink. It was very girly. It was a bit more neutral with pops of green and lavender. It had to go.

So began a constant change! Continue reading “Pink, But Not Too Pink Girls Room”

The Palm Springs Getaway Moodboard

The Palm Springs Getaway Moodboard

Have you ever been to Palm Springs? Have you ever been mesmerized by all of the mid century modern beauties scattered all over the town?

If not, you need to go.

Our most recent client had asked for our help in designing a mid century boho gem in his grandmothers former home. He spends a lot of time there, but also sees the potential in the short term rental that this home could provide him. Continue reading “The Palm Springs Getaway Moodboard”

DIY or BUY Paper Flower Backdrop

DIY or BUY Paper Flower Backdrop

A few years ago for a baby shower, my sister in law and I made a couple large paper flower backdrops. It was a large space with a lot of blank walls. We were not allowed to nail or even tape things to the walls. We had to come up with the something that could lean. I had seen really inspiring paper flowers on Pinterest and I felt like we could do some variation of that. Continue reading “DIY or BUY Paper Flower Backdrop”

The Bathroom in the Mountains Moodboard

The Bathroom in the Mountains Moodboard

Our most recent client came to us for a moodboard for their bathroom. They weren’t sure exactly what style they wanted but they had a few factors that played into the overall feel they wanted for the space. Their home is nestled in the mountains in an adorable community here in Socal. It definitely has a cabin feel with warm honey toned paneling throughout. The paneling was a labor of love installed by our client and his family, therefore it was important to keep the cabin feel flowing from this main room into the bathroom.

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